Monthly Archives: February 2021

Weredog Day 2021 is here!

Here we are again! Weredog Day is our biggest event – and we’re making it even bigger this year. For one day, we’ll be giving you half-off the cost of small and medium toys, and 25% off larger toys. The discounts apply to all toys in medium firmness; on the day, we’ll apply discounts to every toy’s page so you can buy them directly from there.


We’re also doing something we’ve not done before, and putting Mason’s hindpaws on sale for the first time! If you wanted to get to know this dragon, now is the time.


These discounts are applied to the base cost of a toy, so you can buy a solid-coloured version of any toy and get a huge chunk off the price. We’re also leaving our upgrades active in case people want to add them as a bolt-on!


The sale starts on the first day of February at 4PM EST, or 21:00 GMT if you’re nearer to the UK – we hope to see you there!