Get your firmness right

Weredog offers test ‘pucks’ of silicone in different firmnesses, so that you can sample exactly what they feel like before committing to a full toy. However, we can offer some recommendations if you’ve never owned a Weredog toy before. You can buy our test pucks Here

Size affects apparent firmness. With less bulk to resist compression and flexing, a smaller toy produced in Soft firmness may feel a bit too flexible for your tastes. On the other hand, an XL produced in Firm could be too solid, which is why we don’t recommend that combo unless you’re certain you want a firmer, larger toy.

To help you decide what firmness you should choose, we have an approximate “Feels-Like” table for you. Please note this is a guide only – different toys will vary!

SoftFeels Like: Extra SoftFeels Like: SoftFeels Like: SoftFeels Like: Medium
MediumFeels Like: SoftFeels Like: MediumFeels Like: Medium-FirmFeels Like: Firm
FirmFeels Like: MediumFeels Like: FirmFeels Like: Extra FirmFeels Like: Extra Firm


We hope you find this helpful – if you’d like to find out more about our silicones, you can read about them here!