Starting as one guy experimenting with casting and moldmaking in his spare time, Weredog is a small team working in Bristol, UK to deliver artisan-esque, refined adult products from within England to the rest of the world. We weren’t satisfied with the accessibility and quality of what was already available on our side of the pond – so we’re looking to change that.


Everything we produce is hand-manufactured with care inside the UK; cast from body-safe, platinum-cure silicone (which you can read more about here). We refine everything from overall design, to surface texture and ‘feel’, to provide an experience we’d want from a company ourselves.


Rather than relying on our own design experience exclusively, we hand off much of the artistry to 3D sculptors, lending their individual strengths to the models they’re most suited for. This results in well-proportioned toys with unique styles and comfortable features that we’re sure will delight every time. Just be sure not to get ‘eyes bigger than your orifice’ – we provide comprehensive sizing information so you always know exactly what you’re ordering, and whether you’ll be able to handle it!


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