Bad Dragon Announcement

Bad Dragon

[22:00 BST / 14:00 MST 11/06/2021]

Well! It has been a while in the making, but we’re excited to finally tell you that Bad Dragon are investing in Weredog! We have been in talks for a year or two, and we wanted to wait until things were more finalised to tell you about our new partner in the industry.


For 2-3 years we ran entirely on our own steam and from our own funds, but to grow and keep up with all the orders from our fantastic new customers, we cannot do it alone; we want to give you all the best experience we can. BD’s support has allowed us to grow to a team to around ten people, where a year ago we had only two – you may have noticed our customer support, production speed and dispatch improving a whole lot recently! In addition to those customer benefits, we are proud to have been able to guarantee our new employees – and their families – income and job security through the most disruptive pandemic for generations.


As part of our deal, we’ll be sharing techniques, research and industry knowledge between us, which over time should contribute to a big improvement to both of our product lines. We want to make it clear, however, that this is not a buyout. Bad Dragon are very much interested in seeing our company continue to take its own trajectory, and we are retaining majority ownership of Weredog; We will continue to release our own products and operate under rules we set ourselves.


Collaborating like this paves the way for some pretty huge benefits to our customers in the long term; having allies in the US/UK means both we and they can start to better-serve the customers who aren’t situated in our ‘home lands’. We won’t get too specific about that stuff just yet, but we’ve got some big things lined up between us.


We know many of you will have questions and we will do our best to answer and address all of these in time. Big things are in the works, and we have been planning much of it for a long time.


The best is yet to come!


With all our love,

Kara, Cue & the Weredog Team




P.S. – We haven’t forgotten about our EU customers. When we started Weredog it was with the intention of serving you guys, but Brexit has made that harder; we’re looking into ways of distributing toys from inside the Union so that you don’t have to worry about import fees, and to lower your shipping costs 🙂 We will make another announcement about this in the coming weeks.