Gideon’s Paws

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    Gideon's paws all come in soft firmness - we found it's just the right texture for him!

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After releasing Mason, our dragon paw, we got an enormous amount of feedback suggesting other species. And the overwhelming request? Canine.

So finally, here he is! Cast from the foot of our anthro fox friend, Gideon’s paws come in a soft silicone that’s nice and compressible to the touch, but sturdy enough to play with confidently. To some folks, the idea of a non-insertable footpaw may seem odd – but by now we’re certain that those of you who’re “into it” will get it. Stamp him on your face, nuzzle up into the creases between his toes, or lube him up and grind yourself against his broad pads. This is an item for an alternative crowd – whether you’re just exploring what you like, or know precisely what you’re into.


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