Statement Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

UPDATE (19/03/2020)

All of our courier partners (Royal Mail, Parcelforce and UPS) have all been affected by daily developments regarding COVID-19. As such please refer to the following links for the most up to date information regarding service delivery:

UPS Global Alerts

Parcelforce Service Updates

Royal Mail International Incident Bulletin


We’d like to help allay the justified concerns our customers may have during this unusual time. The spread of COVID-19 has clearly gained some traction, but with proper mitigation, most of us will be quite safe.

Weredog is fortunate to have quite a well-isolated operation in Bristol; none of us have contracted the virus, and we’re taking all the most advisable steps we can to make sure it stays that way. We’re keeping our eye out for infection cases within the staff of our suppliers to make sure we have a clean production line, and maintaining the usual hygiene steps we take internally, with added handwashings and minimised contact with toys.

We are not currently experiencing any internal delays as a result of the spread, and are continuing to push on through the last of the Weredog Day orders and the others which we’ve received since. However, if any of us contract the virus, we will pause production and dispatch until such a time as we consider it appropriate to resume operations. COVID-19 does not appear to live particularly long on surfaces outside of the body, but we don’t intend on sending out any products which may have been exposed to it. We don’t anticipate a shutdown of this type being very likely, but want to reassure you that anything you receive will be safe.

Of course, once a product has left our workshop and entered the postal system, we have much less control over whom it comes in contact with. You should already be taking precautions with delivered packages; primarily, you can wash your hands after handling the outside box on the off chance that someone in your delivery depot was exposed to the virus.

On the subject of conventions, we have booked a table, bought flights and made preparations for BLFC in May – which has now been delayed until October. This will be a disappointment for many people, including us, but we think the decision was sensible given the situation – we’ll be planning to attend in October when it comes around!

We wish you all well, and hope this period passes with as little pain as possible.

Kara – Weredog’s founder

Cue – Managing Director