K Lube


We’ve been waiting for a while to add a lube to our lineup, because we want to sell you guys the right stuff for our toys. And this – in our opinion – is the right stuff. K-Lube comes in a powdered form which you dilute in water at home; a very small amount of powder will make dozens of bottles of lube, depending on how thick you like it!

Product Features:

  • 60g or 200g Bottles
  • Quick & easy to mix
  • Long lasting
  • Easy clean with soap & water
  • Makes approx. 6 litres small and 20 litres regular.
  • Condom safe



If you want to know exactly what’s in your lube, you can’t get better than a powdered lube. Based on PEO (or polyethylene oxide), K-Lube consists only of the essentially inert ‘slickening’ agent, and a small amount of preservative to make it last for as long as it takes you to use it. Other powdered lubes consist of mostly sugar (some up to 75%!), which can make it ferment and ‘go bad’ while it’s sitting around… But K-Lube is just the pure essential bits.

Worried about the process of mixing it? It’s easy – just fill a clean bottle three-quarters with hot water, and use the K-Lube spout to pour a little of the powder into the water. Shake it up, test the consistency, and keep adding more little by little until it’s slightly less thick than you’d like it (it will thicken up over the next 24 hours or so). It’ll be ready to use immediately, but make it a few hours before play and the powder will completely dissolve to give you a smooth, clear lube that should last you a very long time.