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Roscoe is Weredog’s mascot! On the larger side, this half-human, half-Malamute has a good amount of girth on him – for anyone who likes their play to involve a little more thickness, this may be the one. Where some canine toys opt for pointed or tapered tips, we find this big dog’s human tip a smooth, comfortable alternative.

Roscoe’s knot offers a more subtle ‘pop’ than Rutt’s, but he’ll still hilt and stay quite solidly! His length, deliberately a bit shorter against his thickness, also makes him well-suited for vaginal play. He has a taller base to compensate for his subtle stubbiness, giving you more height above the ground to make hilting easier.

Roscoe is provided with the following bag sizes:

Small – Small Bag
Medium – Medium Bag
Large – Medium Bag
XL – Large Bag

Roscoe's Sizing Guide

Imperial Inches S M L XL
Total Length 7.2″ 8.5″ 10″ 12.6″
Insertable Length 5.5″ 6.5″ 7.6″ 9.5″
Head Circumference 5.2″ 6″ 7.5″ 9.2″
Shaft Circumference 5.6″ 6.5″ 8″ 9.7″
Knot Circumference 7.5″ 8.7″ 10.5″ 13″
Metric (cm) S M L XL
Total Length 18 21.6 25.4 32
Insertable Length 14 16.5 19.3 24.1
Head Circumference 13.2 15.25 19 23.37
Shaft Circumference 14.2 16.5 20.3 24.64
Knot Circumference 19 22 26.7 33

About Roscoe

A knock at the door tears you away from your daydreams. It’s Roscoe again. The latte-shaded splash in his fur is incandescent in the snow-reflected sunlight, making the darker portions over the malamute’s head look like impatient shadows.  Eyes as deep as an iced-over lake stare pleadingly at you through the peep-hole in your door. You’ve already got the hot chocolate made for him on the kitchen counter and the blinds are pulled just in case the neighbors are passing by.

He thanks you at the door with his big goofy grin. He gives you a hug and you’re reminded of how much muscle is beneath that fluff. You’re held aloft as if you weighed nothing while eager tongue makes your face a slobbery mess. He hasn’t seen you in forever! You agree, noting just how long it’s been since yesterday afternoon. You pretend not to notice when his head hits the door frame, or when he shakes snow all over your hallway.

Claws tak-tak-tak on the linoleum as he follows you into the kitchen.  You don’t turn around as he traps you against the counter top.  You pass the hot chocolate up to him in shaky hands as his big fingers fumble with your trousers.  Panting dog fills your ears.  Fur damp with fresh snow cools your skin as you help him pull your waistband down to your knees.

The anticipation is the best part—knowing at any moment you’ll get that first tingling touch.  Oh, and there he is.  He rubs against you, and then with just natural lubrication, pushes inside.  It’s like he’s perfectly designed just for you.  Not too thick to start with, but then when that bulge of his knot hits—bliss.  You were wrong before.  This is the best part.

He lets you rest across the countertop when he’s done, lapping at the hot chocolate.  You can mop up the mess later.  Then he tosses you over his shoulder and carries you to the bedroom for round two.  And three, and when you’re finally feeling recovered enough, three point five.  It’s evening when Roscoe continues his interrupted walkies, and you find yourself looking forward to tomorrow’s midday cup of hot chocolate.

Story by Kandrel
Read by Alex Vance
Artwork by Darkgem

Get your firmness right

Weredog offers test ‘pucks’ of silicone in different firmnesses, so that you can sample exactly what they feel like before committing to a full toy. However, we can offer some recommendations if you’ve never owned a Weredog toy before. You can buy our test pucks Here


Size affects apparent firmness. With less bulk to resist compression and flexing, a smaller toy produced in Soft firmness may feel a bit too flexible for your tastes. On the other hand, an XL produced in Firm could be too solid, which is why we don’t recommend that combo unless you’re certain you want a firmer, larger toy.

To help you decide what firmness you should choose, we have an approximate “Feels-Like” table for you. Please note this is a guide only – different toys will vary!


  S M L XL
Soft Feels Like: Extra Soft Feels Like: Soft Feels Like: Soft Feels Like: Medium
Medium Feels Like: Soft Feels Like: Medium Feels Like: Medium-Firm Feels Like: Firm
Firm Feels Like: Medium Feels Like: Firm Feels Like: Extra Firm Feels Like: Extra Firm


We hope you find this helpful – if you’d like to find out more about our silicones, you can read about them here!

About our Silicone

To make their products cheaper, some companies employ materials which contain additives and phthalates, which can leach out of the polymer and become absorbed by the user, often becoming toxic and causing light burning or stinging.

That’s why we’ve fully embraced body-safe, platinum-cure silicone rubber as the primary material Weredog uses. It’s chemically quite stable, so nothing in the rubber is looking for an opportunity to react with anything else. Our products contain nothing but silicone, and a smidge of pigment to make ‘em pretty.

It’s hypoallergenic, so even if you’re prone to allergies there’s a near-zero chance it’ll react with your body.

Bacteria struggle to cling to silicone, making it easier to wash, but on top of that our material can handle quite high temperatures; you could even boil it in water if you wanted to sterilise it. We’ve found some people quite like to put them in the dishwasher, too…

It’s strong and flexible, so it will take the roughage of average use without any worry about splits or tears. With that said, it will cut if you take a sharp implement to it!

As we mentioned before, silicone is quite stable, so it won’t start to break down over time. If kept correctly you can store it for years without changes in the material, and without any concern of elements bleeding out of the rubber.

All this adds up to a toy which is the best we know how to make – it’ll last through a lot of use and love if you care for it properly, which you can learn how to do here.

Interested in finding out about the firmnesses of our toys? Read about them here.

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