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Say hello to our resident fox! This longer canine toy is perfect for those of you looking for some depth play, with the satisfaction of a good ‘knot pop’. Designed with extra length in the neck, you can bury Gideon’s knot snugly inside you without having to worry about holding him in place.

His head is a smooth combination of canine and humanoid, which we find helps him slip around your inner bend – he’s a great way to practice opening up your ‘deeper reaches’!

Gideon is provided with the following bag sizes:

Small – Small Bag
Medium – Medium Bag
Large – Medium Bag
XL – Large Bag

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Gideon's Sizing Guide

Imperial Inches. S M L XL
Full length 7.3″ 9.4″ 12″ 14.5″
Usable length 6.1″ 7.8″ 10″ 12.1″
Shaft circumference 4″ 5.9″ 7.1″ 8.3″
Knot circumference 6.1″ 8.3″ 9.8″ 11.9″
Circumference of neck 3.3″ 4.5″ 5.4″ 6.4″
Widest diameter of knot 2.1″ 2.7″ 3.5″ 4.2″
Metric (CM) S M L XL
Full length 18.5cm 23.9cm 30.5cm 36.9cm
Usable length 15.4cm 19.9cm 25.5cm 30.8cm
Shaft circumference 10.1cm 15cm 18cm 21cm
Knot circumference 15.5cm 21cm 25cm 30.3cm
Circumference of neck 8.5cm 11.5cm 13.75cm 16.25cm
Widest diameter of knot 5.4cm 6.9cm 8.9cm 10.7cm
Additional information
Weight N/A

Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large

Get to know Gideon!

It would be easier to just enjoy your casually naked hike if Gideon wasn’t attracting the attention of every other hiker you pass.  Another canid prowls past with a knowing smile and a tilted nose to make it clear that, yes, they CAN smell everything you and this fox have been up to today.  Ignoring it all—or perhaps even reveling in it—Gideon reaches back and urges you on.

And that’s the hardest part.  Literally, the hardest part, because when he reaches back he’s not guiding you by the hand.  Every time you think you’ve defeated your arousal, the tease of a fox trails fingers over you as if he were tugging you by the leash, and you’re blushing and erect all over again.  Nothing rude is supposed to happen here on the trail, but everyone who comes to the park knows that’s a lie.  Gideon knows what he’s brought you hear for, and every pair of eyes you pass on the way to the next tree-studded rise knows, too.

“Just over the next hill there’s a spot I’m eager to show you.”  Gideon chirps cheerfully.  His fingers toy with you, and you get the feeling you know just how eager he is.  He’s even showing it, with a visibly wet lipstick peeking from his sheath.  The fox’s hand goes up in a wave, and you realize you’re passing another group.  Three hikers, a cat and two mice, are oogling you and the fox as they pass.  The cat grins at Gideon, while the mice openly stare at the hint of fox cock that, up until moments ago, you were fixated on.

The two of you crest the top of the hill, and at least Gideon wasn’t lying to you just for show.  The view is astounding.  Out over the valley and lake, you can see for miles upon miles of pristine wilderness under the cool autumn sunlight.  Just in front of you, a waist-high wooden railing keeps you from getting too close to the sheer edge.  Gideon’s hands are tickling your rump, and you realize that the wood is worn smooth in two spots—conveniently about a shoulder’s-width apart, where hands could grasp.

That sly fox.  You have to bend forward slightly to grip the railing, and he’s ready behind you.  Both of you take in the view, while you take in that slick tip you (and the mice) were oogling just moments ago.  Sweaty crotch fur meshes against your rump as the fox’s sheath squashes between your rump cheeks.  Sometimes you forget just how gifted the fox is, but then in moments like this, with the sunlight on your back and the cool mountain air in your lungs, and the slick tip sliding deep followed by inch upon inch upon inch of excited fox, you’re reminded how lucky you are to have a friend like him.

The sound of wind in your ears is only matched by the soft grunting of Gideon behind you, and the wet slurping of his cock as he fucks you at cliff’s edge.  He’s a considerate fox—the type who reaches down and gives you a squeeze to let you know that he’s about to tie.  Stars dance in your vision as you brace against the wooden railing.  He yelps, and you groan.  Hot throbbing kisses your used pucker, and you feel the warm rush of his cum filling your backside.  The fox leans down and sniffs at your neck.  “Good view, isn’t it?”

You let out a happy moan for him.  Fingers pull your rump cheeks apart.  “Not so bad a view from back here, either.”

Minutes pass, and the brisk autumn breeze reinvigorates you.  By the time Gideon braces against you and pulls free, you’re already feeling up to the next leg of your hike.  You just hope the other hikers won’t notice Gideon’s cum leaking down your thigh.

“Come on, slowpoke!  We’re wasting sunlight!  I know a perfect place for us to stop next—even got a present for you.”

Story by Kandrel