Toy care

So, you’ve bought a new toy, or are thinking about it! There are some things you should keep in mind to keep your new playmate in good condition for as long as possible.

On Arrival

We know you’ll be excited when your new toy arrives. We seal them in loose plastic bagging to prevent marks in the surface, and to keep them as hygienic as possible in transit – but you should give your toy a rinse before you do anything with it, just in case. They also come coated in corn starch, which you should wash off to expose the bare silicone.


Never use silicone-based lubricants on Weredog toys. If you have silicone lubricants in your collection, we recommend that you keep them stored apart from our toys, and any other silicone toys you may own. Water-based lubes, with no silicone elements, are ideal. We especially like J-lube powder, which you can sprinkle onto a toy with some water to slicken it up.

Abrasion and cutting

Silicone is fairly inert, and quite strong when compared with other rubbers –  which means you can be quite rough on it in play, with no worry over tears or splits, under normal use.

However, our toys will cut if you take sharp implements to them. We do not ever recommend that you attempt to ‘modify’ toys – any cuts in silicone can spread through the material and turn into full tears. It should go without saying – but please don’t bite Weredog toys, either!


Reactivity with other rubbers

In general, you should keep your Weredog toy away from toys produced by other brands.

We have made this really easy for you by providing a free bag to contain your toy, so even if your collection is a little jumbled-together, you can still keep them separate.

While silicone is quite chemically stable, variances between rubbers can cause amalgams to form when they’re in contact for long periods – the rubber can ingress into the silicone’s polymers and start to push apart its bonds. In the case of a silicone toy, this can result in the rubber becoming sticky and tacky, causing irreversible damage. The same is true for silicone lubes.

After use

Silicone is a great material, but it doesn’t self-clean! When you’re done using your toy you should spend the time to clean it with warm water and soap, so that you don’t get buildups of lube and bacteria forming. You can also boil a Weredog toy in water or use a gentle bleach solution to sanitise it more extensively, provided it’s then rinsed well – or alternatively, you could even put it through the dishwasher. We hear they come out nice and warm when you do that…

Silicone does have a tendency to pick up dust and hairs if it comes into contact with them, so a really good way to keep your toy dry and clean between sessions is to stand or lay them on clean towels (putting a towel at the bottom of a drawer is a particularly good way to keep your collection both clean and discrete). As we mentioned, you’ll also be getting a cotton bag with each toy you purchase, which should help keep everything sanitary so long as you give it a wash occasionally.


We don’t like too much legal malarkey, but a little is necessary! We’re presenting the information here in good faith, with the intention that our customers can use it to extend their products’ lifespans. We cannot, however, accept responsibility for injury, loss or damage sustained as a result of following all or part of these advisories. Have fun using your toys, employ good hygiene, and above all – use your common sense.