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Weredog; Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Hi Guys!


Cue from Weredog back with another update for the site. Thanks to the help of our partners over at TripleA we can now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin has chosen to stick around through several years of uncertainty, but we thought we would throw our hat in and start to support it as many other companies are choosing to do!

At the time of writing, there are Approx. 5.8 million crypto owners in the UK alone. This makes up 8.5% of the entire population! the US has even more which a whopping 37 million crypto owners! (11.2% of the US)¹


TripleA couldn’t have made paying by bitcoin any easier! Just select your order, fill out your personal and shipping details on the checkout, and then click the “Bitcoin” payment method.


This will bring up a print (See image) allowing you to sent the requested bitcoin amount to the clearing address. You will have 30 minutes to make payment. Once received, your order will be moved to processing and you will receive your confirmation email.

And that’s it! Any issues, do let us know on social media or via email at

¹ –

Our country ranking is based on the Chainalysis report “The Chainalysis 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report” in which each country has been assigned a score. The Chainanlysis country score is calculated based on 4 factors:

(1) the country on-chain cryptocurrency value receive,
(2) the country on-chain retail value transferred,
(3) the number of on-chain country cryptocurrency deposits, and
(4) the Peer-to-Peer exchange trade country volume.

Our number of users per country estimations are based on Canada’s score and a recent Central Bank of Canada report, which estimates that 5% of the Canadian population own cryptocurrencies. In order to estimated for all the countries, we calculated the correlation between the Chainalysis score (=0.196) and the Central Bank ownership = 5% and then applied the same rationale to other countries’ scores.

The data contained or reflected herein are proprietary of TripleA.