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Newsletter April 2021

We know its been a while since one of our newsletters, things have been a bit crazy on our end and we haven’t been able to give you all any insights and updates as to how things have been going. From Brexit, to new products and team expansions we have had a lot happen in the last 6 months and thought now would be a great opportunity to let you know how things have been!


At the end of 2020, the team expanded, more then doubling in size. We now have 3 dedicated pourers in our production team as well as 3 new back office staff some of you may have spoken to if you’ve messaged our support side. Badger and Nindë are heading up our customer service and Foon is helping steer our sales and marketing. We have moved into 2021 in a much stronger position to meet the needs of our growing customer base! As part of this growth, we have also moved into our first fully fledged production facility. Easily tripling the capacity of our production which lead us to make the huge offer for our Weredog Day event with up to half price off custom toys. However, your support and custom during this event still smashed our expected targets. So. Thank you!


It hasn’t all been good news however, as we have faced challenges with the UKs departure from the European trading bloc. Immediately we faced disruption to our shipping, as a result of the departure, combined with the January lockdown in the UK. As time has progressed, we have been able to establish ways to maintain custom to these areas, issuing VAT refunds for customers who ordered before 31 December and ensuring our export documentation is up to standards with the new regulations.


We want to take more steps to ensure our European customers can buy from us with ease however and to do this we are currently working to secure a number of European retailers who can stock our toys, so take a look at (Czech Republic) and (France). Keep an eye out for more news on Europe over the coming months as we have many more plans under wraps.

Foon recently appeared on the podcast Shut the Woof Up discussing how the past year has affected our business and the wider fetish scene. Discussing how online businesses such as ours has fared and how we hope to continue this momentum into the year. If you would like to hear more, why not check it out at:

As many of you may have seen, a full year after intruding Mason, the worlds first fetish paw to the market, a few competitors have started their own versions expanding the options on this once untapped market. And, to coincide with this, we just released Gideon, our canine paw for those who want to get put under a big werefox! But it doesn’t stop there, as we have more of Gideon to give you in the next few weeks. Those of you who enjoy depth play should enjoy what this boy has in store for you!

Looking further into the year ahead, we are also beginning to prototype some merchandise, such as T-shirts and Hats as we hope to see Weredog push its boundaries beyond fantasy adult toys, and into the realm of an adult lifestyle brand! Hopefully for our next issue, we will have some examples to show you of these!

In closing, thank you all so much for supporting us over 2020 and into 2021. We aim to be in touch more often going forward, and as a final note, keep an eye on our social media feeds this week for a very imminent inventory drop!


Take care,

The Weredog Team

Weredog; Now Accepting Bitcoin!

Hi Guys!


Cue from Weredog back with another update for the site. Thanks to the help of our partners over at TripleA we can now accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin has chosen to stick around through several years of uncertainty, but we thought we would throw our hat in and start to support it as many other companies are choosing to do!

At the time of writing, there are Approx. 5.8 million crypto owners in the UK alone. This makes up 8.5% of the entire population! the US has even more which a whopping 37 million crypto owners! (11.2% of the US)¹


TripleA couldn’t have made paying by bitcoin any easier! Just select your order, fill out your personal and shipping details on the checkout, and then click the “Bitcoin” payment method.


This will bring up a print (See image) allowing you to sent the requested bitcoin amount to the clearing address. You will have 30 minutes to make payment. Once received, your order will be moved to processing and you will receive your confirmation email.

And that’s it! Any issues, do let us know on social media or via email at

¹ –

Our country ranking is based on the Chainalysis report “The Chainalysis 2020 Geography of Cryptocurrency Report” in which each country has been assigned a score. The Chainanlysis country score is calculated based on 4 factors:

(1) the country on-chain cryptocurrency value receive,
(2) the country on-chain retail value transferred,
(3) the number of on-chain country cryptocurrency deposits, and
(4) the Peer-to-Peer exchange trade country volume.

Our number of users per country estimations are based on Canada’s score and a recent Central Bank of Canada report, which estimates that 5% of the Canadian population own cryptocurrencies. In order to estimated for all the countries, we calculated the correlation between the Chainalysis score (=0.196) and the Central Bank ownership = 5% and then applied the same rationale to other countries’ scores.

The data contained or reflected herein are proprietary of TripleA.

Weredog Day 2021 is here!

Here we are again! Weredog Day is our biggest event – and we’re making it even bigger this year. For one day, we’ll be giving you half-off the cost of small and medium toys, and 25% off larger toys. The discounts apply to all toys in medium firmness; on the day, we’ll apply discounts to every toy’s page so you can buy them directly from there.


We’re also doing something we’ve not done before, and putting Mason’s hindpaws on sale for the first time! If you wanted to get to know this dragon, now is the time.


These discounts are applied to the base cost of a toy, so you can buy a solid-coloured version of any toy and get a huge chunk off the price. We’re also leaving our upgrades active in case people want to add them as a bolt-on!


The sale starts on the first day of February at 4PM EST, or 21:00 GMT if you’re nearer to the UK – we hope to see you there!

Weredog V3 Update

Hi Everyone!


Cue from Weredog here with a little update for you!


Over the last few months we have been working hard to provide a better order experience on our site.


Many of you have been asking for us to do more inventory drops, so we’re doing just that, on our brand new inventory page! We will be dropping new toys available for immediate shipment over the next few weeks as the holiday season arrives.


We have been blown away with your support over the last 2 years. Weredog started as hobby project between 2 friends but now has 6 full time staff and will be shortly moving into a bigger workshop! This is all thanks to all you lovely folks!

Riot has landed!

We know, it’s been a while! Hello again from the workshop – we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, and we’re finally ready to offer our new boy, Riot, for preorders. This chunky, human-inspired toy has been a bit of a passion project since before we started; Riot is exquisitely detailed and quite different from our existing lineup!


Riot’s masters are all printed and ready to go; your preorders now help pay for each new toy’s molds and setup costs, which is why we don’t immediately start with regular orders. Riot will begin to ship in less than six weeks – find more information and grab your early-bird order now at!